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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So Now What?

With all of this talk about Torre in the past few days there hasn't been a whole lot of time to talk about anyone else. So today I give my thoughts about the free agents and what we should do. Cashman, I hope you are listening.

Jorge Posada
2007 season Stats
G - 144 (not too bad for a 36 year old catcher)

R- 91

HR - 20

RBI - 90

BA - .338

OBP - .426

SLG - .543

Jorge just had a career season. Amazing when you consider that Posada has been the every day catcher for years and is 36 years old. It's unlikely that he can keep this pace up for too much longer, however I would expect similar numbers over the next season and probably even the next two. But the real reason the Yankees need to resign Posada is that there are really are no good catching prospects on the free agent market right now. So what should we do? Well all know that all of the Yankee free agents have a lot of leverage right now given the way the Steinbrenners screwed Torre, but in a perfect world I'd say give him a two year deal that has a club option for a third.

Alex Rodriguez
2007 Season Stats
G - 158

R - 143

HR - 54

RBI - 156

BA - .314

OBP - .422

SLG - .645

3B - 0

Sure, A-Rod's season statistics are incredible....but did you know that he didn't hit one triple all season!?!?! How can we honestly expect to spend 30 million a year on a guy that can't even hit a triple? Obviously I am kidding (although that really is the only stat he scored a goose egg in). Here comes the dilemma. Can you justify spending 30 million a year for up to 6 years for one player, even if he is the best player in the game? Keep in mind the Yankees wouldn't have made the post season if it wasn't for his amazing numbers this season. Also keep in mind that A-Rod brings a lot of baggage with him. Not too many players seem to like him, he is a serious postseason question mark, and for that price you could buy yourself two farms worth of prospects. At this point in his career A-Rod shouldn't be focusing on the money, he should be concerned with a ring. It's crap if A-Rod tries to use Torre's departure as a catalyst for opting out. Torre and A-Rod never seemed that close. If he opts out he'll really show his true colors, plus the Rangers would no longer subsidise his contract. I just can't see anyone paying him what he wants, but some team probably will and as a result will carry a heavy burden for years. So unless he decides to show some loyalty to a team for once instead of the almighty dollar I say good riddance. We will certainly miss his numbers but at that price he just isn't worth it. Plus he can't hit triples.

Mariano Rivera

2007 Season Stats

G - 67

SV - 30

WHIP - 1.12

ERA - 3.15

There is no question that Mo is getting older. At 37 his numbers have declined slightly and he has blown more saves in the past few years than I care to remember. But he is still the greatest closer in the history of the game and has two more years of cutters left in the tank. Like Posada, Rivera is going to have a lot of leverage to renegotiate his contract, but the question is does he want to come back to the Bronx? Mo's relationship with Torre was probablysecond only to Jeter's, and we all know Rivera's thoughts on the subject. So if the Yankees are going to make a move for him they are going to have to give him some cash, and a lot of it, otherwise there are plenty of other teams who will pick up the slack in a heartbeat. At this point he's earned it and should be allowed to pitch at least one season in the new stadium. Heaven forbid they screw this one up too and Enter Sandman is blasting over the PA system at Fenway. I shudder at the thought. So the only real option here is a two year contract with a player option for the third. That is assuming he even accepts that.

Roger Clemens

Wait....are you kidding me? If he comes back next year I'm going to scream. I'm not even going to analyse his stats because they suck. He basically stole 18 million dollars from the Yankees this year. Enjoy your money Rocket, maybe you can use it to buy yourself a soul.

Of course there are other question marks, Pettitte, management, rookies etc. I would love to see Pettitte come back for one more season, but I really think he is done. I've written pretty extensively on who I think should and shouldn't manage next year but we will just have to wait for the answer to that. As for the rookies they are the only silver lining in the grey cloud that is over the stadium right now. But you know what, I don't want to jinx anything so I am just going to leave it at that.

In other new...further proof that Vermont is the best state in the nation


inowpronounceyou said...

3 yrs, $40MM for Jorge and a similar offer for Mo is what I've heard. Jorge is likely to stay, Mo is a fairly good chance. Screw Clemens.

ARod is a crap shoot. I think they can win without him if the pitching stabilizes. But the idea of him getting paid based on the Yes Network is a fucking JOKE.

Oh, and God Ilovermont.

Bruce said...

Rumor has it that it is going to come down to a contract extension and not an opt out, but I don't know any of the details yet.

jess said...

jorge is a no-brainer to keep. arod still seems like team poison to me despite his stats. i'm not going to dignify clemens :) and i think the team has been off-kilter ever since he joined. i'd rather more younger, hungrier players. of course you want to win every year, but how cool would it be to rebuild with a mix of young guys and experienced ones instead of the fantasy team stuff of the past few years?

Bruce said...

I agree Jess, history shows that a line up of all stars just doesn't work.

Heidi said...

andy petitte was my first love on the Yanks in 1997. I'll be so sad if he leaves :( i agree with you whole heartedly about Clemens. The man's been a traitor all along...which is why my skepticism about damon remains true.

and that article about vermont made me happy :)

Julie said...

Don't stone me but... I think they should let ARod go and get Lowell...

Steal him right from them.

Bruce said...

I wont stone you Julie, but I wouldn't take Lowell over A-Rod even with his bloated salary.